How do I know my appointment is approved?

You will receive a follow-up email once one of our massage therapists have confirmed your booking request clearly indicating the booking has been confirmed. Thank you for your patience.

How do I get to the Spa?

We are located off of Dublin Blvd close to Highway 680.

How much does it cost to get a spa therapy?

Prices vary greatly depending on which treatment you choose, the best way to find out is to call us or check our services page

Can I speak by telephone during the treatments?

Devices such as cell phones need to be silenced while inside our spa.

Are walk-ins welcome?

Although we accept walk-ins, our therapists highly recommend calling or booking in advance to insure availability.

Can I pay with cash?

We accept cash and credit cards. Payment is due in full after our services. Gratuities are at your discretion and are graciously accepted by our talented team of professionals.

What do I do if I need to cancel an appointment?

In order to cancel or reschedule an appointment you must call the Spa during business hours.